Last week I ordered lunch for several people in the office from Tin Drum using GrubHub (desktop). As a first-time user I was very impressed with the GrubHub experience and business model. Although it was a solid “A” experience there were, however, a few things I noticed that could make the UX a bit more intuitive and in turn the business more viral.

Pre-opening Orders

I was trying to place my order at 10:55 AM to be delivered around 12 and I had to wait 5 minutes until 11:00 AM for the restaurant to technically “open” in order to place my order on the website. I already expected the delivery to take close to an hour so it seems like the restaurant having my order waiting immediately when they open would take a few minutes off the order time.

After all – we were deciding between Tin Drum and Jimmy John’s and could have just as easily gotten distracted and called Jimmy Johns directly instead of waiting for 11:00 AM to roll around to order through GrubHub.

Make it as easy as possible for customers to use the product.


Shareable Menu

Another UX improvement could be for group orders to have a shareable link (or a more visible shareable link) so that instead of walking around to everyone’s offices I could just send them a link so they can choose their own orders. It just so happened that I was ordering lunch for five people instead of 15 so it wasn’t a huge problem but I would guess that corporate lunches could be a large growth vertical for GrubHub.

Companies strive to make products that have an inherent virality build into their use and this is the type of killer UX feature that not only makes a product more viral but also serves a meaningful purpose. If it existed, there would now be five people at my office who knew how easy and great GrubHub is instead of just me. This is a huge missed opportunity.

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