Break the Wheel


When I run into a problem, my first instinct may be a bit too dramatic…

Fortunately for wheels, often times, when a person has an idea for how to rework a process or do something different than it has been done before, they are met with the phrase:

“Don’t invent the wheel.”

This advice often makes the receiver believe that the advisor thinks the wheel is:

  • not important enough to warrant fixing
  • too important or complicated to attempt to fix or
  • it isn’t the wheel that is the problem…

There are no doubt situations where all of these things are true, but I think we have a wheel problem on ­­our hands more often than we care to admit.

Wheel is in the Eye of the Beholder

The person familiar with the problem sees the orange square from her perspective. The advisor sees a perfectly round blue wheel, and they are both partially right.

Perspective, Truth

With the other true perspectives in hand, I believe we should have more conversations about recreating wheels because there are far too many ovals posing as wheels in the world today.

Finally, you could just find a good wheel to begin with…

“I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. I want to ride it to the country club.” – Philosopher

by: Daniel Hinton

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